Bungoma Man who struggled to get a career job despite graduating with a university degree builds a multi-million house for mom while working as a security guard

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In  Bungoma County, Lucas James, a resilient individual with a degree in Procurement and Logistics, found himself facing the daunting challenge of securing a career-aligned job.

Graduating from Laikipia University in Kenya in 2017, Lucas, driven by a desire for a brighter future, discovered that the path ahead was not as smooth as he had hoped.

Coming from a humble background, Lucas refused to succumb to despair.

Instead, he took to the streets, tirelessly searching for any job that would put food on the table.

Eventually, an opportunity arose, and he found himself working as a security guard in Qatar. Little did he know that this job would become the cornerstone of his journey towards changing his mother’s life.

Lucas approached his security guard role with a driving ambition – to uplift his mother’s lifestyle.

Despite the challenges of working in a foreign land, he diligently budgeted his earnings, saving a substantial portion for a purpose close to his heart.

After a year and a half in the Middle East, Lucas had amassed enough funds to embark on a life-changing project.

His proudest accomplishment? Constructing a new home for his mother. Lucas’s motivation stemmed from the discomfort of witnessing his mother reside in a dilapidated house.

This discomfort fueled his determination, pushing him to give everything he had to see her living conditions improve.

The task of building a new home initially seemed distant and daunting, but Lucas persevered. Now, he reflects on his decision with satisfaction, noting that community members and neighbors, who once underestimated individuals in security guard uniforms, now look on in admiration.

His journey challenges stereotypes and proves that individuals in seemingly ordinary professions can be catalysts for transformative change.

In a candid interview, Lucas expressed, “They laugh at us in security guard uniforms, but we are transforming lives in the villages.” His story resonates not only as a personal triumph but also as a testament to the positive impact one person’s determination can have on an entire community.

Lucas James’ journey is an inspiration to all who face career struggles, demonstrating that with resilience, financial planning, and a determined spirit, one can rise above challenges and create a lasting impact on the lives of those they hold dear.

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