Woman gives birth to triplets after six years of waiting

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A woman has been celebrated on social media after giving birth to triplets following six years of struggling to conceive.

The wife of the woman’s husband’s colleague celebrated the news on her Instagram page, expressing joy that her former boss’s wife has finally been favored by the stars, receiving not one but three bundles of joy – triplets.

In a heartfelt post, she shared beautiful pictures of the woman with her three children, two boys, and a girl. Omotunde, popularly known for her role as Adaku in the comedy series “Jenifa’s Diary” by Funke Akindele, congratulated the couple on the new addition to their family after years of waiting for God’s answer.

In the online post, the joyful mother, still in the hospital, was seen embracing her new bundles of joy, a smile of contentment adorning her face.

The caption read, “My former manager and his beautiful wife gave us three children after 6 years…. I cried and danced and I am so happy… you are waiting God is coming! I know as I know my name @emmaoffe and congratulations again wifey!”

People flooded the post with congratulatory messages, many attributing the event to the grace of God.

Here are some of the comments from users on the platform:

“I love how God blesses those who pray and wait! Hallelujah for Jesus!!! Congratulations, mama,” said Makimazy.

“Congratulations brother… Only God can do what man cannot do,” pevsaaku_fashionkilla.

“God of grace. The one who confuses our enemies… chai… I rejoice with them. God’s grace,” Tayofak remarked.

“I know this as well as I know my name, when it happens, it will be glorious. I am so happy for them. Congratulations to them,” another user expressed.

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