Anne Awuor Matoke: How I Overcame Poverty In Kariobang’i To Make A Fortune In The US

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Anne Awuor Matoke’s life has been an extraordinary voyage of resilience, growth, and uplifting others.

From humble beginnings in Kenya’s Kariobangi, where financial constraints hindered her dreams of higher education, she overcame adversity to become a successful model, a Cabin Service Director with Emirates Airlines, an author, podcaster, and conscious entrepreneur.

The Early Years and Academic Excellence

Anne’s early years were shaped by the challenging circumstances of her upbringing in Kariobangi.

“Life in Nairobi wasn’t easy for us. Both of my parents faced financial challenges, and they had to strive tirelessly to provide us with the basic necessities, put food on the table, and ensure we received an education alongside my siblings,” reflected Ann, her voice filled with gratitude and admiration for her parents’ unwavering determination.

Despite limited financial resources, Anne showcased outstanding academic prowess during her time at Nairobi River Primary School and Buruburu Girls Secondary School where she finished her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education {KCSE} in 1996.

Although the prospect of pursuing a university education seemed unattainable.

“After completing my secondary education and achieving good results in my Form Four exams, my parents faced financial constraints that made it impossible for them to afford university fees for me. As a result, I made the decision to enroll in a short computer course in Nairobi CBD to gain valuable knowledge and skills,” shared Anne.

Discovering the World of Modelling

During her time in the computer college, fate intervened and introduced her to the world of modeling through a chance encounter with Regina, a woman in Nairobi CBD.

Embracing the opportunity, Anne joined the Kelu Modeling Agency, and her journey in the fashion industry began.

Anne’s innate talent, captivating allure, and unwavering resolve propelled her into the limelight of the modeling industry.

She swiftly established her presence, leaving an indelible mark.

Notably, she showcased her remarkable abilities by taking part in esteemed occasions like Miss Kenya, where she earned well-deserved acclaim as Miss Eastern Province.

Her achievements transcended national boundaries, as evidenced by her remarkable feat as the second runner-up in the New York Club modeling competition and her privileged selection for the prestigious Smirnoff International Fashion Awards.

However, she acknowledges that the modeling industry in Kenya had its challenges, with modest earnings being the norm.

”Modeling in Kenya offered modest earnings, typically ranging from KES 1,000 to KES 3,000 per show. However, when i went to Dubai, I experienced a substantial increase in income, receiving at least triple the amount I earned in Kenya.” she recalled.

Breakthrough in Dubai and Venturing into Aviation

Driven by ambition, Ann aimed for new horizons and directed her aspirations towards Dubai, an internationally renowned center for the flourishing modeling industry.

Her choice yielded remarkable results, marking a turning point in her professional trajectory.

The financial gains in Dubai exceeded those in Kenya, offering Ann a more secure and substantial income. Yet, her journey didn’t culminate there.

Embracing new horizons, she ventured into the aviation industry and secured a position with Emirates Airlines.

”The opportunity to join Emirates Airlines propelled me to move to Dubai. In a span of seven years, I rose to become a Flight Purser, also known as a Cabin Service Director,” She remarked.

Anne also volunteered as a peer support and critical incident stress management provider for distressed crew members at Emirates.

Years later, Ann made the difficult decision to resign from her job after receiving distressing news from her gynecologist about her ovarian health.

Faced with this unexpected challenge, she chose to prioritize her well-being and embarked on a new chapter in her life. She joined and lived with her German-born husband, who was based in Florida, USA.

Inspiring Others and Creating Change

Today, Ann Awuor Matoke stands as an embodiment of inspiration.

She is a devoted wife, a loving mother to three children, and a multi-talented individual.

Ann has channeled her experiences into becoming an Inspirational Podcaster, Author, and Conscious Entrepreneur.

In addition, Ann continues to support her husband’s business, which has garnered international recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records for its groundbreaking parking garages.

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