Silas Nyamweya: From Sh 200 Day Salary Working in Mjengo to Earning Sh 50,000 Within Months

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In 2019, Silas Nyamweya found himself struggling to make ends meet, barely earning enough to pay for his basic amenities. Working at a construction site in Umoja, Nairobi, the 38-year-old could only manage to make Ksh200 on a good day, and at times, he had to settle for a meager Ksh100. The mounting bills, including his Ksh800 monthly rent, weighed heavily on him, and his beam of hope was fading fast.

However, everything changed when an Ajira Digital Centre was established in his locality. Curious about the project, Nyamweya decided to inquire more about the services offered. At the Kwa Maji Ajira Centre office, he met the manager who explained the online courses, which were entirely free. Intrigued by the opportunity, he chose content writing and research, as it resonated with his passion. Without hesitation, he enrolled in the one-month course.

The impact was transformative. Through the program, Nyamweya was connected with someone already engaged in the online work, opening doors for him to earn a decent income. He began working on assignments, honing his skills in the process. With determination and frugality, he managed to save enough to purchase a laptop, which opened up even more opportunities for independent projects.

Nyamweya’s daily routine shifted as he juggled online work and actively participated in the activities at the Kwa Maji Centre. His typical day now starts at 7:00 am, engaging in online work, and occasionally assisting at the center. His earnings improved significantly, with an average of Ksh50,000 a month, a stark contrast to his previous financial struggles.

The flexibility of online work was particularly appealing to Nyamweya, as it allowed him to work from anywhere at any time. This newfound flexibility granted him a sense of freedom, making it easier to manage his time and obligations.

Reflecting on his journey, Nyamweya expressed gratitude for the Ajira Digital Program, which became a beacon of hope during a challenging period. The training and support provided by the program allowed him to seize opportunities in the digital space, significantly transforming his life.

The Ajira Digital Program was launched in 2018 to address the high unemployment rate in Kenya. With the country facing a crisis in youth unemployment, the program offers a valuable platform for individuals like Nyamweya to acquire digital skills and access online job opportunities. By empowering Kenyans with relevant digital skills, the program aims to bridge the gap between job seekers and available opportunities in the digital marketplace.

As the program continues to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals like Silas Nyamweya, it underscores the importance of equipping the workforce with relevant digital competencies to thrive in the ever-evolving job landscape. The success stories emerging from the Ajira Digital Program serve as a testament to the potential of digital skills in unlocking new possibilities and transforming livelihoods.

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