Citizen TV Host Lulu Hassan Reveals Why She Will Never Have a Joint Bank Account with Rashid

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Prominent Citizen TV Swahili news anchor and brand influencer Lulu Hassan, has recently stirred a conversation about financial independence within marriage by revealing her personal approach to managing finances with her husband, fellow media personality Rashid Abdallah.

In a candid discussion, Lulu shared that she would never have a shared bank account with Rashid, emphasizing the importance of financial autonomy even within the bounds of a committed relationship.

Lulu’s advice to married couples is unequivocal: refrain from opening joint accounts regardless of the duration of the marriage.

She clarifies that her perspective should not be misconstrued as an encouragement for a lack of transparency in marriage.

On the contrary, Lulu advocates for openness about earnings, as she believes that knowing each other’s income is beneficial. However, she insists that each partner should manage their own finances independently.

“It’s okay to know how much your partner earns, but everyone should keep their own money in their own accounts,” she stated.

Elaborating on her relationship dynamics, Lulu explained that both she and Rashid are fully aware of each other’s earnings, which helps them maintain financial discipline and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

She underscored that sharing a bank account is unnecessary, especially when both partners are financially independent. The only exception she considers is a joint account specifically for their children’s expenses.

“Kushare account I don’t advocate for that. Si poa. Why should we share accounts na kila mtu anafanya kazi yake? Labda ya watoto,” Lulu remarked candidly.

Interestingly, despite her strong stance on financial independence, Lulu revealed that she handles the finances in their household because Rashid prefers to stay away from monetary matters.

She described Rashid as a kind, disciplined man who trusts her implicitly with financial management, allowing her to handle their money without interference.

“Rashid hapendi mambo ya pesa. Anakuambia deal nayo. Ni mtu mpoa sana by the way. Labda nimeangukia mtu mzuri,” she added.

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