Kenyan Tycoon Behind Radio 47 Finally Speaks After Poaching Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu; Salary Revealed Amid Speculations

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Billionaire entrepreneur Simon Gicharu, widely recognized as the mastermind behind Mount Kenya University, has recently captured the spotlight with his latest endeavor: Radio 47.

The radio station’s emergence has sent ripples through Kenya’s media landscape, drawing attention for its ambitious goals and strategic talent acquisitions.

Even as a newcomer, Radio 47 has demonstrated its intention to reshape the airwaves and make its mark in the industry.

Gicharu’s prowess as a business magnate has been evident in his founding of Mount Kenya University, a testament to his vision and leadership.

Now, his foray into the world of broadcasting through Radio 47 showcases his willingness to explore diverse avenues of business with the potential for substantial impact.

What distinguishes Radio 47 from its competitors is its recruitment strategy, aptly described as “poaching.” The station has managed to attract notable talents from established media entities, including Radio Maisha,  Milele FM and Citizen TV.

This audacious approach has not only generated intrigue but has also highlighted Radio 47’s determination to assemble a lineup of experienced voices capable of resonating with listeners.

One of the stations significantly affected by Radio 47’s talent acquisition campaign is Radio Maisha, a property of the esteemed Standard Group.

The departure of several prominent presenters, including the sports anchor Ali Kauleni Hassan, renowned as Hassan Mwana wa Ali, along with journalists and presenters Lynda Oriaso, Geoffrey Mang’ou, and Beatrice Maganga, has undoubtedly caused a stir within the industry.

Moreover, Milele FM, linked to the prominent Mediamax Network and reportedly associated with the Kenyatta family, has also felt the impact of Radio 47’s talent recruitment drive. The station suffered the loss of Evah Mwalili, a celebrated journalist known as Mama Taifa, who has secured three prestigious awards during her career.

On the other end, the billionaire also poached Citizen Tv star Willis Raburu who hosted the popular Wabebe Show.

According to reports, Raburu’s salary is speculated at Ksh 700,000

Despite the controversy surrounding the poaching strategy, Gicharu remains steadfast in his vision for Radio 47.

He is unapologetic about his recruitment tactics and aims to replicate the triumphs of his other media ventures, namely Royal FM and TV 47, in the realm of radio. He firmly believes that established presenters can play a pivotal role in carving a niche for Radio 47 in the fiercely competitive broadcasting landscape.

Gicharu’s sentiments on the matter encapsulate his unwavering determination:

“The success of our sister stations (Royal FM and TV 47) have really proved that there is still space and segment for the audience with the right content, and we are optimistic and ready for the market as we launch Radio 47 this month.”

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Kenyan Tycoon Behind Radio 47 Finally Speaks After Poaching Citizen TV's Willis Raburu; Salary Revealed Amid Speculations – Awuor Inspirations Hub


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