Woman Working as a Househelp in Saudi Arabia Finally Builds Her Own Multi-Million Mansion in the Village

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Maryann Mwaura’s journey from domestic worker in Saudi Arabia to successful homeowner in Kenya is a remarkable tale of resilience and determination.

After working for over a decade with the same family in Riyadh, she has accomplished her dreams of purchasing land and constructing a multi-million mansion in her village.

Maryann’s story begins in Kiambaa, Kiambu County, where she grew up in a modest family of eight children.

As the third-born, she experienced the challenges of limited resources but pursued her education diligently, attending Kiambaa Primary School and later Hidden Talent Academy in Dagoretti for secondary school.

Due to financial constraints, she and her two sisters had to transfer to a local school.

In a candid interview with Lynn Ngugi, Maryann opened up about her struggles with self-esteem in high school, which led her to drop out twice.

At one point, she moved to Nairobi to live with a man, but soon realized it wasn’t the life she wanted. With her eldest sister’s support, she returned to school and completed her education.

After finishing school, Maryann faced further challenges. She reunited with her boyfriend, who left her pregnant and refused to take responsibility.

She later entered a violent marriage, which she eventually left to protect herself and her son.

In 2014, Maryann seized an opportunity to work as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia.

Despite hearing stories of mistreatment, she was determined to make it work.

After completing her training and signing a contract, she began working for a family in Riyadh.

Initially expected to work with another helper, she negotiated a higher salary to manage the work alone, proving her efficiency and dedication.

Maryann’s hard work and commitment earned her the trust and affection of her employers.

“I found a mother in my boss because she makes me feel at home, and we would always talk about anything,” she shared.

With her employer’s assistance, Maryann opened a bank account in Saudi Arabia, allowing her to save money diligently.

Her ultimate goal was to buy land and build a house in Kenya. After years of saving, she purchased a piece of land but faced setbacks with a real estate company.

Once she retrieved her funds, she commenced building her dream house, which is now nearing completion.

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