Oscar Sudi: I Bought My First Range Rover at 22

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Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi recently made headlines after revealing that he bought his first Range Rover at the age of 22. This statement came as he addressed allegations surrounding his financial contributions to a church fundraiser.

In a video posted on his social media, Sudi clarified the controversy. Reports had surfaced claiming that he personally donated Sh20 million at a church fundraiser, a figure which drew criticism and suspicion from various quarters.

Sudi set the record straight, explaining that the Sh20 million was the total amount raised at the event, not his individual contribution.

“How can you lie in broad daylight? Don’t you believe that church members can come together and raise even Ksh50 million?” he questioned.

He detailed that the church managed to raise Sh14 million, with additional funds contributed by himself, his friends, and other donors.

This response came after Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale criticized politicians for flaunting their wealth in front of church congregations, suggesting that some of it might be ill-gotten. Sudi, visibly angered by the allegations, staunchly defended his wealth, attributing it to hard work rather than corruption.

“I’ve been working long before I became an MP… I bought my first Range Rover when I was 22 years old. Do you expect us all to walk on foot?” he retorted.

Sudi emphasized that his success stemmed from years of effort and perseverance. Born in 1980 near Moi University’s main campus in Kesses, he grew up in a poor family. Despite facing numerous challenges, including being in and out of school due to financial constraints, Sudi’s determination never wavered.

He undertook various jobs, from herding cattle and dealing charcoal to being a matatu tout and eventually a driver. By saving diligently, he managed to buy his own public service vehicle and started farming.

His entrepreneurial spirit and hard work eventually paid off, leading to his election as an MP through the United Republican Party (URP) in the 2013 General Election.

Amidst the backlash, Sudi announced his decision to step back from public engagements, expressing frustration over the criticism he has faced.

“I’m taking leave because of the noise and jealous people… Many people don’t know how we raise money for these fundraisers,” he stated.

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