Melody Sinzore: Why I will Never Leave Radio Citizen Even After Receiving Many Lucrative Offers

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Melody Sinzore, a well-known name in the Kenyan media industry, has captivated the hearts of millions of radio listeners through her influential presence on the airwaves.

As a talented radio presenter on Radio Citizen, she has established herself as a force to reckon with.

Melody’s beauty, bold voice, and captivating presentation skills have made her a household name in Kenya.

Despite receiving numerous job offers from other media outlets, she has chosen to remain loyal to Radio Citizen, citing it as her home.

The Journey of Melody Sinzore

Melody Sinzore’s journey in the media industry began at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in 2010 where she started as an intern.

Her exceptional skill and fluency in articulation quickly caught the attention of industry professionals.

This led to her breakthrough on Radio Citizen, where she has continued to flourish to this day.

As of 2023, she has stayed at the Royal media-based site for seven years.

Choosing Radio Citizen as Her Home

Despite receiving numerous tempting job offers from rival media houses, Melody Sinzore has remained steadfast in her commitment to Radio Citizen.

In a current interview, she expressed her gratitude for the offers, acknowledging that they are a reflection of the recognition and appreciation for her work.

However, she firmly believes that Radio Citizen is her true home.

“Ntakua mnafiki nikisema kwamba sijapata mialiko. Napata mialiko sana. Lakini Radio Citizen ndio nyumbani. Royal Media ndio nyumbani.

“(I will be a hypocrite if I say I have not received any offers. I receive a lot of them. But Radio Citizen is home. Royal Media is home),” Melody said.

Melody insisted that the station has provided her with a platform to connect with her audience and fulfill her goals and objectives as a media personality.

“Mialiko ninapata na nashukuru sana. Kwa sababu it only means that people are recognizing what we are doing, and people are happy to associate with me, Melody Sinzore; that’s why the offers are coming on the table.

“(I receive offers and I am very grateful because it only means that people are recognizing what I am doing. People are happy to associate with me, Melody Sinzore. That’s why the offers are coming to the table),” she said.

Beyond Money
While acknowledging the importance of financial stability, Melody says that there are other crucial factors to consider when evaluating career decisions.
For her, being content and fulfilled in her work is of utmost importance.
She values the support, camaraderie, and sense of belonging she experiences at Radio Citizen, factors that money alone cannot provide.

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