IT Graduate Who Left Kenya After Failing to Get a Job Now Earns KSh 5,000 Per Hour Working as Mjengo Man in Canada

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With various job opportunities abroad, many Kenyans have been striving persistently to obtain a green card to work and live in foreign countries, which are often considered lands of great opportunities.

Such is the story of Paul, an IT graduate who found a new beginning in Canada after struggling to find employment in Kenya.

Paul, who hails from Kihingo in Limuru, faced the harsh reality of unemployment in a country where job opportunities for graduates are scarce.

Determined to change his circumstances, Paul sought the assistance of his sister, who had been living in Canada for over 15 years. With her help, he secured a green card and left Kenya in 2020.

His journey abroad marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life, far removed from the world of IT he had initially envisioned.

Upon his arrival in Canada, Paul quickly adapted to the demands of his new environment.

He started with a landscaping job and later worked in a factory making brake pads. However, it was in the construction industry, commonly referred to as “mjengo,” where Paul found his footing.

By 2022, he had secured a job as a concrete mixer, a role that paid him KSh 5,000 per hour plus KSh 900 for his pension. This was a stark contrast to the KSh 1,000 or KSh 2,000 per day he might have earned for similar work back in Kenya.

Reflecting on his journey, Paul shared his story on the Kenya Diaspora Media YouTube channel.

He recounted his various jobs in Kenya, including working as a turn boy with his trucker father, a position at the Bata Shoe Company, and driving matatus from Naivasha to Nairobi. He also tried his hand at business, selling Safaricom lines and SIM cards.

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