Sikutaki Bwana: Man Chases Away Father Who Returned Years After Abandoning Him

by admin

A video of a middle-aged man rejecting his father, who abandoned him when he was just two years old, has recently gone viral, sparking widespread discussion on social media.

The video, shared on TikTok by @godwintrophyadokii, captures the emotional moment when the estranged father attempted to reunite with his family after years of absence.

According to reports, the man left his wife and stopped supporting his family when his son turned two. Years later, he returned alone, hoping to reconnect with his family. However, his son was not willing to forgive or forget the past.

In the video, the visibly angry son can be seen pushing his father away and vehemently warning him to stay out of his life. The son expressed his deep resentment towards his father for abandoning them during his childhood.

“After you left my mom when I was two years old, leave us alone. He has nothing to offer because he is not fit enough to fend for me,” the heartbroken son declared.


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