Sad Tale: University of Eldoret Graduate Who Scored B+ in KCSE Becomes a Watchman at His Former School

by Paul Nyongesa

Ernest Maiki Abraham, a graduate from the University of Eldoret with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics, found himself in an unexpected situation after failing to secure a job in his field of study.

Despite his impressive academic background, Ernest was forced to return to his alma mater, RCEA Kuinet Secondary School, where he had completed his studies back in 2011 after scoring a remarkable B+ in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

Facing the harsh reality of unemployment, Ernest made the difficult decision to work as a security guard at the very institution where he once pursued his education. Speaking to KTN, he expressed his disappointment at the job market’s unresponsiveness to his qualifications.

“Sikutarajia kama naeza kuwa hapa hata siku moja, hata vile nimejaribu nikakosa nikasema ai wacha niishie tu kwenye nitaishia kwa sababu nimejaribu nikajaribu na nguvu zote sijafaulu,” he lamented.

Ernest’s journey to find suitable employment had been arduous. Despite sending out numerous job applications to esteemed organizations, including tech companies, multinational corporations, and supermarkets, he faced continuous rejection.

The overwhelming sense of despair began to set in, especially after enduring the challenges of university life. “Inafika mahali unakata tamaa, kwanza nikiwa University of Eldoret vitu mingi ilifika mpaka inanikazia wakati wa graduation. Inafika mpaka unakata tamaa kwa sababu maisha imekuwa ngumu,” he shared, highlighting the immense difficulties he had faced.

Ernest’s current role as a security guard provides him with a modest income, barely enough to cover his living expenses, let alone support his younger siblings.

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