‘I don’t want women” Shocking as Man angrily divorces all 3 wives the same day, gives reasons

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Identified only as Mutiacya, an elderly man from Uganda shared his life story in an interview with Afrimax English.

Once prosperous and devoted to his family, he faced a dramatic change of circumstances when he lost his job, causing his source of income to disappear.

Mutiacya and his three wives led a harmonious life with seven children, lacking for nothing. However, the loss of his income led to a significant transformation in their family dynamics.

He recounted how his once-respectful wives grew distant, displaying disrespectful behavior towards him. He narrated the challenges he faced as they openly disregarded him and made him feel emasculated due to his financial struggles.

In response to this disappointment and frustration, Mutiacya took the decision to separate from all three wives on the same day, opting for a solitary life.

“I Divorced My 3 Wives In 1 Day To Play With Kids!”

With the departure of the wives, they took their seven children with them. Left alone, Mutiacya found solace in engaging with other people’s children and contributing to their happiness through his financial gestures. He expressed that despite his own modest means, bringing smiles to others’ faces brings him joy.

Mutiacya’s own children have grown up, with some living abroad and others remaining in Uganda. He shared that they occasionally visit him, providing a sense of connection even as they return to their own lives.

When asked if he would consider marrying again, Mutiacya adamantly replied with a “never,” indicating that his experiences have led him to shy away from the challenges associated with marriage.

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