“Afadhali mimba ilitoka!” Akothee Acknowledges Finding Relief in Losing Her Pregnancy with Omosh, Reveals Why

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Renowned Kenyan musician and entrepreneur, Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has publicly expressed that she harbors no regrets about losing her pregnancy towards the end of last year.

Speaking during a live session on social media last Tuesday evening, the mother of five shared her perspective on the incident, revealing that the lost pregnancy would have been her first child with her then-husband, Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer.

Akothee explained that she viewed the pregnancy loss as a blessing in disguise. She firmly stated that she prefers not to think about the alternative scenario where she would have given birth. Akothee candidly expressed her relief, saying, “It’s better the way the pregnancy ended.

If I had given birth, oh my! If I had given birth, I don’t know whose guest I would be right now. Can you imagine being a guest at my age, having a child at 40? Chasing after a toddler at my age?”

The 43-year-old singer praised the twists of fate that led to the pregnancy’s end, highlighting that it saved her from potential complications and the challenges of co-parenting with someone who might not have been a suitable partner. She acknowledged the divine intervention in her life, appreciating the decision made by a higher power.

Reflecting on the situation, she exclaimed, “God has his own jokes sometimes. He just woke up one morning and decided this cannot happen, took it out, and threw it away. If it had been a different case, how would I have dealt with this person now?”

Initially, Akothee admitted to having regrets about not waiting for her relationship with Mr. Schweizer to stabilize before getting pregnant. However, she clarified that she was prepared to have a child when she met the Swiss national. She even revealed her willingness to go to Europe to adopt a child, emphasizing her financial capability at the time.

Akothee said, “What I’ve learned is that sometimes, we as women, we are not realistic. Why didn’t I wait a bit longer before getting pregnant? But when (Omosh) came into my life, I was ready to have a child. I was completely ready for a child. That’s why by the time Omosh met me, I had gone to Europe to adopt a child because I had the money. When he came, he found me already prepared. It’s not that I was foolish. I was ready to give birth, but imagine if I had a child now and his father is wandering around the field. What child number would I be now?”

Additionally, Akothee revealed that her short-lived marriage with Omosh hit a dead end in June. She disclosed that during their honeymoon after their April wedding, she discovered aspects of Omosh’s personality that she couldn’t tolerate, leading to the eventual dissolution of their union.

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