Elvis Omboto: Kenyan US-Based Entrepreneur Leading IT Transition into Global Excellence, Empowering Individuals and Businesses for Success

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EPKO Consulting, an IT start-up specializes in guiding both companies and individuals through seamless transitions into IT

This involves utilizing data to make informed decisions, fostering a competitive advantage.

The company aids in reaching the highest potential by leveraging technological advancements and available resources to scale processes.

In both corporate and personal contexts, EPKO aims for individuals to become enhanced versions of themselves.

The visionary behind EPKO is Elvis Omboto, the founder, and CEO.

According to its founder, one of EPKO’s key services is IT Consulting.

They have successfully assisted over 80 data engineers in joining various clients and major companies such as Microsoft, Chase Bank, etc., resulting in numerous job placements.

‘We consider ourselves as the provider of subject matter experts, delivering IT solutions for businesses, including the provision of data engineers, BI developers, and Business Intelligence Solutions.” Omboto who lives in the US stated

Omboto, whose firm EPKO offers coaching programs to individuals, has assisted a high number of people in transitioning from various careers to the IT industry.

‘They can go through our coaching program and mentorship to successfully transition into the IT industry full-time.” Omboto said.

Omboto asserts that EPKO, based in Dallas, US, extends its services globally, reaching individuals in various countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, among others.

EPKO Members in Nairobi.

Their focus is on assisting individuals from these countries to go through their program, equipping them with IT skills for current and future professional growth.

“I can affirm that it’s a startup business, but our engineers hail from 25 different countries of origin. The primary job market and source, however, are here in the US, where individuals can earn more than a six-figure salary.”

Some of the few individuals who have made it big through EPKO’s services are Elvis Omboto’s wife, Mrs. Diane Umutesi, who transitioned to earning a six-figure salary as a senior data engineer in the US.

Speaking during a consultative meeting held on November 12, 2023, in Nairobi, Diane stated that she moved to the US after winning a green card.

Thereafter, she landed a job that seemed too hectic and made her uncomfortable.

Fortunately, she met a friend who introduced her to data analytics and facilitated her transition into the IT sector.

She then met Mr. Elvis Omboto while at colabery school of data analtyics, who introduced her to EPKO, where she obtained a job after undergoing a six-week training and subsequently quit her job.

“When I secured a job, people couldn’t believe it because, with EPKO, you usually have 12 weeks and 12 projects to work on to be job-ready. However, I found the projects overwhelming, and I completed only 5 before starting interviews. Fortunately, I landed a job, and people were amazed at how I made it through in just 6 weeks.” Diane, who recently tied the knot with Elvis in Kigali Rwanda, reminisced

Elvis Omboto and his wife Diane during EPKO consultative meeting in Nairobi.


Diane advises people who want to follow in her footsteps to believe in themselves, never give up and be willing to embrace vulnerability.

Another individual who achieved significant success through EPKO Consultancy is Erick, securing a position with a French-based company in Nairobi.

According to Mr. Elvis, succeeding in this field requires patience, humility and persistence.

“At EPKO, once someone transitions into IT, they are not just acquiring skills; they are unlocking opportunities to double and triple their salaries after completing the program. Our goal is to empower individuals for financial success, career growth, and businesses to utilize data to gain a competitive advantage.” He advised.

EPKO Dinner and Networking

He says that everyone at EPKO Consulting can do their best with a little help and guidance. It doesn’t matter how old you are; their mentoring is designed for everyone to become a better version of themselves



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