John Mungai: Class Seven Dropout Who Started as a Tailor, Only to End Up Owning a Multi-Million Media House in the US

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John Mungai’s journey from a challenging beginning to success serves as an inspiration for many Kenyans seeking opportunities abroad.

Having left school at Class seven, Mungai’s life took unexpected turns, eventually leading him to the United States and a position as the CEO of Njung’wa Diaspora Television.

Mungai’s story began with the pursuit of tailoring skills after he was unable to complete his primary school education due to a humble background.

Relocating from the Rift Valley to Gikomba, Nairobi, in the 1980s, he embarked on a business venture that laid the foundation for his future.

However, life in Nairobi presented its challenges, and a financial crisis prompted him to return home.

Undeterred by setbacks, Mungai dabbled in selling second-hand clothes, known as mitumba, until a government ban altered his course.

Adapting to the changing circumstances, Mungai shifted to selling artifacts at a curio shop, only to face displacement due to road construction.

It was during these challenging times that Mungai applied for a green card, a move that would alter the trajectory of his life.

Winning the green card in 2003, he secured funds through a successful fundraiser, allowing him and his family to embark on a new chapter in the United States.

“I paid the necessary fee and signed for my family to be allowed into the country. We finalised the process and it’s been more than 18 years now,” he stated.

The transition to the U.S. presented its own set of challenges, but Mungai embraced various jobs before finding success in a delivery service, where he invested in a truck.

As the CEO of Njung’wa Diaspora Television, Mungai utilizes the platform to connect with other Kenyans living abroad, offering advice and fostering community engagement.

In an interview with KDTV, Mungai emphasized the importance of patience and hard work, urging those facing economic hardships in Kenya to persevere.

Mungai’s journey is not without its share of difficulties, and he acknowledges the challenges of helping family members who often rely on handouts.

“It all requires hard work and enough planning for anyone to succeed,” he remarked.

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