Jamii Products: Kenya’s Most Trusted Company Offering Skills and Job Opportunities After One Week of Training

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Are you a form four leaver or a parent searching for valuable skills that can pave the way to a well-paying job? Look no further – Jamii Products has the perfect opportunity for you!

Jamii Products, led by the visionary entrepreneur Charles Kimani, fondly known as Kimani wa Makaratasi, is not just a company; it’s a gateway to empowerment.

Specializing in the production of khaki paper products, Jamii Products has become a symbol of sustainable business practices and community development.

Skill Enhancement for Form Four Leavers:

For form four leavers seeking practical skills that go beyond traditional educational boundaries, Jamii Products offers tailor-made training programs. From crafting book covers to designing packaging bags, gift bags, envelopes, cake boxes, and popcorn bags of all sizes, participants are equipped with hands-on experience in a variety of paper products.

The curriculum is meticulously designed to ensure that educational background is not a barrier. Whether you have completed Form Four or are a parent looking to acquire new skills, Jamii Products welcomes you to their inclusive training classes. The learning experience is comprehensive, covering not just the technical aspects but also branding and marketing strategies.

The training program spans 7-10 days with a reasonable fee of Ksh 15,000.

The location, conveniently situated opposite Mang’u High School along Thika Road, ensures easy access for interested individuals. Continuous classes and accommodation facilities are available for those seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Moreover, recognizing the potential for business collaboration, Jamii Products invites individuals interested in supplying their products, such as book covers, to towns, schools, bookshops, outlets, and churches.

They offer discounted prices, with A4 book covers priced at Ksh 12/= and A5 at Ksh 8/=. Entrepreneurs and organizations willing to partner with Jamii Products can contact them at Tel. 0728884303 to discuss supply arrangements and pricing.

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