June Onguko: Lugulu Girls Alumna Who Rose from Selling Sukuma Wiki to Owning a Multi-Million Real Estate Firm in the US

by Paul Nyongesa

June Onguko, a name widely recognized in the real estate industry, is not new to many.

Growing up in Western Kenya and from a relatively poor background, June never pictured that she would one day strike gold in America, a land considered to be of great opportunity.

While appearing in an interview with Chamms Media, June claims that her upbringing was not easy. She started various small businesses while she was young, such as selling sukuma wiki and charcoal.

Upon completion of her primary school education, she proceeded to Lugulu Girls High School in Webuye, Bungoma County in 1992 and completed her studies in 1996. This is where her luck struck, as she got a chance to pursue further education in the United States.

She studied Business Management at Keller Graduate School of Management between 2011 and 2013, after which she delved into the world of entrepreneurship.

Armed with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Business Management, she ventured into the corporate world. However, her entrepreneurial spirit pushed her to seek more.

In 2017, June Onguko founded June Properties Limited, a real estate company based in Texas, USA. The firm aims to provide Americans with their dream homes, offering a comprehensive range of services from buying and selling to investment consulting.

Onguko’s husband later joined the firm, bringing in his financial and managerial skills, which helped steer the company to greater heights.

Today, the agency sells approximately four homes per month and facilitates locals in selling, buying, renting, or leasing homes.

June Onguko’s success is not just in the number of houses sold but in the impact she has made in the community.

“Real estate in Houston has gone up in the past few years. When I started, the median house was selling for about Ksh 22 million – Ksh 29.3 million. Right now, we are at around Ksh 66 million – Ksh 73.4 million,” she remarked, highlighting the growth and potential in the real estate market.

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