Annah Mutheu: Richest Witchdoctor In Kenya Owning Three Lorries, Petrol Station And Never Misses Church

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In the quiet town of Tala in Machakos County, Kenya, Annah Mutheu resides in a lavish home estimated to be worth a staggering Sh40 million. But unlike what many might assume, she’s not a politician’s wife or a corporate executive—she’s a witchdoctor.

Mutheu’s journey into the world of witchcraft began at an early age, as she inherited the trade from her parents.

Despite being a class eight dropout, she has carved a niche for herself, not as a practitioner living in the shadows of poverty but as a woman of means, living life on the fast lane.

At the center of Mutheu’s success story is her estimated Sh40 million home in Tala, a testament to her thriving juju business.

The lavish abode boasts a swimming pool, posh cars, and an interior adorned with expensive furnishings. Mutheu, often referred to as ‘the boss lady,’ takes pride in her investments, which extend beyond the realm of witchcraft.

Mutheu’s clientele is nothing short of impressive, with a staggering 60 to 80 clients seeking her services daily. Charging a consultation fee of Sh1,000 per client, she rakes in a minimum of Sh60,000 each day, translating to a substantial monthly income of Sh1.8 million.

Politicians, businessmen, and corporate bigwigs all seek solace and guidance from this unassuming witchdoctor.

What sets Mutheu apart from the conventional image of a witchdoctor is her commitment to cleanliness and comfort. While many of her counterparts are associated with dirty and squalid places, Mutheu has consciously chosen to present her clients with an environment that reflects her success.

The rooms where she conducts her consultations are furnished with sofa sets worth Sh350,000, creating an atmosphere that resonates with affluence.

Mutheu’s business acumen extends beyond the borders of Tala. She has diversified her investments, owning three lorries, three public service vehicles, three personal cars, a petrol station, and plots in various Kenyan cities, including Nakuru, Nairobi, Mombasa, and Malindi. Real estate is a significant part of her portfolio, highlighting her strategic approach to wealth accumulation.

Surprisingly, Mutheu credits the Bible for aiding her in healing clients. Despite her involvement in practices often considered unconventional, she maintains a regular attendance at church on Sundays, showcasing a unique blend of spirituality and mysticism.

Even her long-distance clients, situated outside the country, find solace in her services, as she heals and provides guidance through the exchange of pictures via WhatsApp or email.

As Mutheu proudly declares her wealth and success, she remains unapologetic about her chosen path.

Her mother, she claims, instilled in her the skills of the trade, emphasizing that the spirit of witching was within her from birth. Far from living a life of regret, Mutheu asserts that her practices have contributed to eliminating crime in her hometown, portraying herself as a force for positive change.

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