Jectone Oyoo: Businessman Who Quit His Well-Paying Cooperative Bank Job to Help Kenyans Earn a Six-Figure Salary Job in the US Within Hours

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In the realm of entrepreneurial stories, Jectone Oyoo’s journey unfolds as a captivating narrative of ambition, resilience, and the transformative power of seizing opportunities in the face of challenges.

Transitioning from a stable banking job to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the United States, Oyoo’s trajectory serves as an inspiration for those who dare to tread the unconventional path.

Oyoo’s story commenced in 2011, a year that marked a significant departure from his established role in a well-paying banking job in Kenya.

Armed with a master’s degree and a vision of pursuing a Ph.D., Oyoo set his sights on the United States.

His initial ambition was clear — to return to Kenya and become a university lecturer. Little did he anticipate the twists and turns that would redefine his aspirations.

Upon arriving in the US, Oyoo found himself grappling with the challenges faced by foreign students. The economic hardships often lead individuals to shift their academic focus, opting for fields like nursing or trucking to navigate the demanding US economy

. Despite the initial hardships, Oyoo persevered, eventually enrolling in the University of Alabama for a second master’s degree.

It was during this period that Oyoo discovered his affinity for data analytics, a field that would prove to be the catalyst for his journey into entrepreneurship.

The decision to undertake short courses in data analytics marked a pivotal moment, opening doors to consultancy opportunities and laying the foundation for a career that would blend technology, education, and entrepreneurship.

As Oyoo immersed himself in his studies, he also engaged in the intricate world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills. This proved to be a game-changer, unlocking doors to consultancy projects and providing Oyoo with the proficiency to impart his knowledge to others. In a way reminiscent of the biblical rejected stone building the entire house, Oyoo’s expertise in data analytics became the cornerstone of his entrepreneurial path.

With a stroke of luck, Oyoo earned a Green Card, granting him permanent residency in the US. This legal permit opened avenues for employment and business ventures. Seizing the opportunity, Oyoo formalized his consultancy and training endeavors, establishing Smart Data Analytic, a USA business solutions unit specializing in fully managed IT services and comprehensive technology solutions.

“The future is STEM. We take 14 weeks to train the people at a cost of $4000 (Sh498,360), amount which you recoup quickly because major cooperations in America have a soft spot for people with data skills,” the entrepreneur said.

“We have trained people from all over the country and even here in Kenya. People from diverse academic and professional extractions, be it lawyers, journalists, accountants etc, they find that data handling analytical skills are indispensable in the current times,” he said.

Years into his entrepreneurial journey, Oyoo expanded his impact beyond the borders of the US. In a significant development, he signed a partnership agreement with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) to introduce his data analytics course to students in Kenya. This move underscores Oyoo’s commitment to equipping individuals with essential skills for the evolving job market.

Oyoo’s entrepreneurial endeavors extend beyond Smart Data Analytic.

He runs Jabali Entertainment, facilitating US tours for Kenyan musicians, including renowned figures such as Ohangla maestro Prince Indah, Zuchu, and Kikuyu sensation Samidoh. Medstar Staffing Solutions, another venture, contributes to the recruitment of nurses in the US for facilities in need.

To cap off his diverse portfolio, Oyoo manages Globilink Solutions Limited, an internet distribution business in Kisumu targeting student hostels. From the initial risks he took, Oyoo has witnessed the deepening of his economic and financial roots, achieving a level of success that might have remained elusive within the confines of a safe banking job.

“I am not sure I could have come this far if I remained in the safe zone of the bank or even came back to the lecture halls in the manner I envisioned at first,” Oyoo reflects, embodying the spirit of a true hustler navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.

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