Meet the 11 Year Old Citizen TV Becky Actor Running His Own Bakery Business

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In the enchanting world of the Becky telenovela that graces our screens every weekday at 7.30 pm on Citizen TV, the character of Jeff, played by the talented Prince Kariithi Mwangi, has captured the hearts of many viewers.

While fans are engrossed in the twists and turns of the dramatic storyline, curiosity naturally arises about the actor’s life behind the scenes. In this exploration, we delve into 10 intriguing details that illuminate the multifaceted world of Jeff.

1. Family Ties in Acting

Jeff’s journey into the world of acting is not a solitary one; it’s a family affair. Born Prince Kariithi Mwangi, the 11-year-old resides with his aunt and parents, forming a household steeped in the arts. What sets them apart is the shared passion for acting, as all three of Jeff’s siblings are also part of the acting realm. Talent, it seems, runs in their DNA.

2. School Life and Hobbies

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the small screen, Jeff is a regular grade 4 student at Sprindles Junior School in Parklands. His academic pursuits are not without favorites, with Math and PE topping the list. Outside the classroom, his downtime activities include watching movies, indulging in artistic expressions through drawing, and engaging in the spirited world of football.

3. A Prodigy in the Making

Jeff’s journey into acting commenced at the tender age of three. It was his parents who recognized the spark within him and presented the idea of an acting career. This led them to Gifted Kids Kenya, an organization dedicated to discovering and nurturing children’s talents, particularly in the performing arts and dramatic skills. Jeff’s early days at the organization saw him transform from a shy child to a budding actor, laying the foundation for his future roles.

4. Auditioning Triumph

Contrary to assumptions based on his age, Jeff’s role in Becky was not secured through preferential treatment or connections. In recent interviews, the young actor proudly shared that he earned the coveted role through a rigorous audition process. He faced tough competition but emerged victorious, a testament to his acting prowess.

5. Screen Experience Beyond Becky

Before stepping into the shoes of Becky and Junior’s son, Jeff had already made a mark in the broader entertainment landscape. His portfolio boasts appearances in Netflix movies and the Imax show “Usikimie.” The young actor had also graced television adverts and billboards, accumulating a wealth of screen experience before joining the cast of Becky.

6. Entrepreneurial Ventures

Jeff’s talents extend beyond acting into the realm of entrepreneurship. In addition to his on-screen pursuits, he runs a cake baking and selling business under the brand ‘Cakes by Jeff.’ Specializing in crafting delectable treats, Jeff delivers his creations to various occasions, adding a sweet touch to birthdays, weddings, and other events. The young entrepreneur also dabbles in the digital realm with a YouTube channel, albeit not very active.

7. Early Mornings and Script Cramming

As one of the lead actors in Becky, Jeff’s schedule demands early rising, a challenge he faces with gusto. Waking up at 4 AM, he meticulously goes through scripts and participates in rehearsals to ensure he delivers his best on-screen performance. While he admits to being a lover of sleep, the support of his aunt and parents aids him in navigating the early mornings.

8. Bonds Beyond the Screen

On-screen, Jeff is the son of ‘Becky’ and ‘Junior,’ but off-screen, his relationship with the actor portraying ‘Becky’ goes beyond the scripted lines. He reveals that ‘Becky’ treats him like a second mother, showering him with care and love. Additionally, his fondness extends to other characters on the show, particularly ‘Maureen’ and ‘Junior,’ with whom he shares moments of biking, pranks, and jokes.

9. Aspirations Beyond Acting

While Jeff has found success and acclaim in the world of acting, it’s not the end of his journey. Despite his talent for memorizing scripts and emoting on cue, Jeff harbors aspirations beyond the realm of acting. In interviews, he expresses a keen interest in pursuing a career in journalism, drawing inspiration from prominent figures like Lulu Hassan, Jeff Koinange, and Rashid Abdalla. His future plans include purchasing a car for his parents, showcasing his filial love and gratitude.

10. A Motivational Note for Aspiring Actors

In his own words, Jeff shares a piece of wisdom for budding actors: “You can make your idols be your rivals.” This phrase encapsulates the essence of ambition and determination, encouraging those aspiring to tread the path of acting to aim high, set goals, and view established figures not just as inspirations but as benchmarks to surpass.

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