Geoffrey ‘Mak’Ouma’ Ouma: Kenyan behind one of the biggest Data analytics schools in the US

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Geoffrey ‘Mak’Ouma’, Born in Nairobi but raised in the rural areas of Homa Bay County, Geoffrey faced adversity from a young age when he lost both his parents.

Growing up as an orphan, he experienced the hardships of poverty, struggling to make ends meet in a challenging environment.

Despite the lack of support and resources, Geoffrey’s spirit remained unbroken.

He recalls the difficult days when he and his siblings were adopted by relatives but were unable to attend school due to financial constraints.

Undeterred, Geoffrey found a way to sustain himself by taking up fishing, earning a meager income of Ksh 80 to Ksh 100 bob a day. His determination to survive eventually led him back to education when his grandmother, from his mother’s side, intervened. With her support, Geoffrey was able to return to school, rejoining at class 7 where he had left off.

Geoffrey’s journey through the educational system was not without challenges. However, his hard work and perseverance paid off as he not only completed his primary education but also excelled in his secondary school studies.

Eager to further his knowledge, he pursued a computer programming course at the Technical University of Kenya. He later obtained his degree in Business Information Technology and continued his academic journey by enrolling in a Ph.D. program in Information Systems in 2015.

In 2021, Geoffrey ventured into the world of data analytics, recognizing the immense potential it held.

Fueled by his passion for technology and education, he founded Sevenett LLC, a pioneering technology training company. Headquartered in Washington State, USA, with regional offices in Nairobi, Sevenett focuses on providing career pathways to immigrants in the tech industry through data analytics training.

According to Dr. Ouma, they offer dynamic data analytics training programs tailored for contemporary digital challenges.

They conduct intensive 5 Months Data Analysis Boot Camps and advanced 3 Months Data Science courses.

‘These programs involve expert-led virtual classroom sessions facilitated through Video Conferencing Technology. Sevenett specializes in enhancing participants’ data literacy and analytical skills by providing customized training, workshops, and coaching.,

”Our interactive virtual classrooms enable direct interaction with instructors and peers, encouraging collaborative learning,” Ouma said.

He emphasized maintaining an ideal pace during the sessions, ensuring participants comprehended concepts, especially during hands-on segments.

He describes as interactive, engaging, and practical, focusing keenly on real-world applications.

One of Sevenett’s notable initiatives is NaviSmart, a platform designed to assist immigrants by connecting them with essential resources, information, products, and services to navigate their new environments effectively.

This innovative approach not only empowers immigrants but also fosters a sense of belonging and support in unfamiliar territories.

Additionally, Sevenett contributes to shaping the future by offering coding classes for kids and teenagers.

By imparting essential programming skills to the younger generation, Geoffrey is preparing them for the evolving landscape of the tech industry, ensuring that they are well-equipped for future career opportunities.

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