Sad as Lady Working Abroad Breaks Down After Seeing Her Kid’s Condition Despite Sending Monthly Upkeep Money Home

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In a poignant social media update, Rina, employed in Saudi Arabia, poured out her heart about the distressing state of her child back home. Despite her tireless efforts to secure a better future for her kids, the image of her son left her inconsolable.

Rina revealed her relentless work in Saudi Arabia, driven by the hope for her children’s prosperity. However, a video received from concerned neighbors filled her with sorrow, exposing unfavorable living conditions for her child.

Responding to comments, Rina clarified that she wasn’t allowed to bring her child when she migrated for work, intensifying her emotional strain.

The shared video garnered empathy and sympathy across social media. Some reassured Rina, suggesting her financial support likely benefits the broader family, while others expressed concern for the child’s situation.

Rina, vulnerable yet resilient, shared she entrusted a family member with her child’s care. Though details remained undisclosed, she hinted at the decision being one of her best, suggesting her child is now in better hands.

Amidst shared childhood struggles, users recounted experiences, revealing a collective understanding of the challenges many face while growing up.

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