Man Who Left the Country to Work as a Dishwasher in the UK Finally Builds Multi-Million House for Parents

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A young man in his prime, named Wisdom Igboke, took to Instagram to share his remarkable journey of uplifting his parents from poverty by building them a luxurious mansion, after enduring years of menial work in the United Kingdom.

Igboke, a Nigerian national working in London, UK, handed over the keys to the magnificent nine-bedroom mansion to his parents three months ago. Now, he has returned to narrate to the world how he managed to lift his parents out of poverty.

“God has used me to uplift my parents and family from poverty. Join me in celebrating as I present my parents with a nine-bedroom maisonette in our hometown. Dreams do come true, and I am grateful to Almighty God. For all those struggling to bring pride to their families, may God bless you and use you to wipe away your family’s tears. Congratulations to me and my family,” Igboke wrote during the house handover ceremony to his parents.

However, he later noticed that many people started hurling accusations at him, labeling him as someone who acquired money through fraudulent means to build the house.

In a video explaining the source of his funds to build his parents’ house, Igboke stated that many people were speaking without knowing the beginning of his journey.

The young man recounted how he went to the UK to further his education with only £100 (equivalent to about Ksh 16,800) to his name. After facing financial hardships, he was compelled to take up informal jobs, revealing that almost every hotel in London knew him because he washed dishes in numerous establishments daily to make ends meet.

“I posted a picture of our house, and I saw many comments that left me baffled. People said a lot of things; some called me ‘wash wash,’ but they don’t know that I washed dishes in hotels for four years,” he said.

“I came to the UK four years ago to pursue my Master’s degree. I am a responsible person, and I know how to save. For instance, even after being in the UK for four years, I still don’t own a car. Not because I can’t afford one, but because I understand that a car comes with additional responsibilities.”

“Nowadays, no one remembers what I went through; they only see success. Just to inform you, there is no restaurant in Central London that doesn’t know me. I was washing dishes when I first entered this country with only £100 [Ksh 16,800]. I would stand for over 11 hours washing dishes, with the kitchen heat scorching,” Igboke narrated.

Apart from washing dishes, he also recounted how he cared for elderly people, washing many elderly bodies before completing his studies and securing a job in the UK.

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