Optiven Foundation and Data Learning Networks LLC Partner to Empower Kenyan Orphans with Cutting-Edge Education

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In an inspiring collaboration, Optiven Foundation, represented by trustee Dr. George Wachiuri, and Data Learning Networks LLC, led by CEO Mary Waceke, are poised to transform the educational landscape for bright orphaned students in Kenya.

At a landmark meeting convened in Phoenix, Arizona, these forward-thinking leaders cemented the groundwork for a powerful partnership aimed at delivering high-quality education directly to deserving students’ doorsteps.

Central to their mission is a focus on data engineering and analytics, coupled with machine learning—an innovative approach that holds the promise of abundant opportunities in today’s digital age.

But the impact doesn’t end there! Through this groundbreaking alliance, students will not only acquire invaluable knowledge but will also be seamlessly integrated into the global data network.

Moreover, the partnership ensures guaranteed internships, providing students with practical experience and setting them on the trajectory to success!

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