Catherine Wambui: Kenyan Woman Who Rose from Selling Chips Mwitu to a Multimillion Goods Shipper in the US

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After spending nine years in the teaching profession, Catherine Wambui made the courageous decision to leave her job and pursue entrepreneurship, embarking on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and reinvention.

In an interview with TUKO TV’s Inspire Kenya, Catherine shared her story of overcoming challenges and turning setbacks into opportunities.

Despite her passion for teaching, Catherine found herself struggling to make ends meet, especially after becoming a single mother just four months after graduating.

“I got a teaching job in Kerugora where I earned KSh 12,000, but it was little because I had a house manager, shopping, and other bills to pay,” she started.

She transferred to a public school where her passion for teaching grew, as well as her remuneration, as there were more remedial classes to teach.

Her comfort zone was rocked when the Teachers Service Commission announced that no teacher would be allowed in class without a TSC number.

Returning home, Catherine decided to start afresh, selling all her possessions except clothes and her son’s bike.

She ventured into odd jobs, including cooking chips and chapati for sale on the streets, but faced setbacks along the way.

Undeterred, she transitioned to hairdressing, hoping to find stability for herself and her son.

Despite her efforts, Catherine encountered numerous obstacles as a single mother trying to provide for her family.

However, she refused to be defeated, continually seeking new opportunities and avenues for growth.

Moving from one school to another in search of employment, she remained resilient in the face of rejection and disappointment.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Catherine found herself selling her old teaching clothes and shoes in Gikomba to make ends meet.

“I found myself in debt and survived by borrowing loans from different mobile applications. I would borrow from one to repay the other, out of which I got funds for business,” she continued.

Drawing on her resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit, she gradually built up her business, eventually launching her own salon. However, a disagreement with an investor led to Catherine losing everything and falling into debt.

Nevertheless, Catherine refused to give up. Leveraging her skills and experiences, she turned to YouTube, where she began sharing her knowledge and offering services to clients in Kenya and abroad.

Today, her business, Kate Vlogs, has flourished, thanks to her unwavering determination and perseverance.

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