Claire Njuguna: How Chicken Farming Led Me to Become One of Kenya’s Leading Layer Cage Market Players

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As Kenyans explore various business ventures, Claire Njuguna Kinyanjui and her partner have emerged as the leading importers and distributors of layer cages in Kenya, boasting over 10 years of experience.

Based in Juja, Claire’s business, Renray-Layers Battery Cages, is situated in Kenyatta Road Estate, where she rears chickens and manages a cages warehouse.

Her journey into the world of poultry entrepreneurship began in 2014 when she recognized the need to expand her chicken business.

However, faced with limited space and resources, she embarked on a quest to explore innovative solutions.

It was during this exploration that Claire stumbled upon a novel technology for housing chickens in cages—a concept relatively new to Kenya at the time.

Undeterred by the unfamiliarity of the idea, Claire took a leap of faith and decided to import her first consignment of layer cages from China, utilizing her savings for the initial investment.

Little did she know that this decision would not only transform her own business but also reshape the poultry industry in Kenya.

As the consignment made its way to Kenya, Claire took to social media to showcase the upcoming arrival of the layer cages.

The response was nothing short of extraordinary, with an influx of inquiries pouring in from eager individuals keen to purchase the innovative cages.

Sensing a burgeoning market opportunity, Claire pivoted her business model and began selling the cages even before they arrived in the country—a bold move that would set the stage for her entrepreneurial success.

“I didn’t have the money to clear the cages and had planned to take a loan for that. However, when customers started placing deposits, I got the funds to clear the cages. I then found a technician, and with the help of my supplier who sent a video on how to install them, we were able to install the cages for our customers,” she added.

As her business grew, Claire noted that a significant number of her customers were referrals.

“I would say 90 percent of my customers are referrals because my cages are of good quality, and there’s a lot of trust in what I do,” she said.

With the support of her husband, Mr. Kinyanjui, Claire embarked on a mission to not only sell cages but also provide comprehensive solutions to aspiring poultry farmers.

What sets Claire apart is her unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and empowerment.

Recognizing that many farmers lacked the knowledge and resources to kickstart their poultry ventures, Claire began offering contract farming services, providing customers with everything they needed to start their businesses—from cages to fully grown chickens ready to lay eggs.

“Some customers want to rear chickens but don’t want to raise chicks. So, we provide a package where we rear the chicks for up to four months. When you buy a cage, you also get the chickens, which start laying eggs immediately, helping you to quickly start your business,” Claire explained.

But Claire’s support doesn’t end there. Beyond just selling cages, she goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients have access to markets for their produce.

Through strategic partnerships with various stakeholders, including schools, supermarkets, and other outlets, Claire helps farmers navigate the complex landscape of agricultural marketing, thereby fostering sustainable growth and profitability.

“Sometimes beginners ask where they can sell their eggs. We have partners in the business who buy and sell to schools, supermarkets, and other outlets,” Claire said, adding that they not only sell cages but also help farmers find markets for their produce.

Moreover, Claire prioritizes education and training, offering comprehensive guidance on cage usage and maintenance to new farmers.

She understands that success in the poultry industry hinges not only on access to resources but also on knowledge and expertise.

By equipping her clients with the necessary skills and know-how, Claire empowers them to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

In her quest to support the growth of Kenya’s poultry industry, Claire has forged valuable partnerships with financial institutions like Equity Bank and KWFT, providing farmers with access to much-needed financing options.

Through these collaborations, she seeks to break down barriers to entry and create opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

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