Meet the little known US-based tycoon behind the trending mansion built on top of an apartment

by Paul Nyongesa

Elaine Ombasi, a Kenyan-US-based nurse, has recently made headlines with her innovative architectural project in Zimmerman, Nairobi.

This remarkable achievement has sparked curiosity and admiration due to its unique design and efficient use of space.

In an exclusive interview with Paxson TV, Elaine shed light on her creative inspiration and the journey that brought her groundbreaking vision to life.

Elaine’s distinctive house, perched atop rental apartments, has become the talk of the town. Its eye-catching design and efficient space utilization have earned it widespread attention.

But what motivated Elaine to embark on such an unconventional project?

During the interview, Elaine revealed the origins of her idea.

“I had this idea, so I brought it to my builder, and he told me it was possible to implement it,” she explained. “He told me how long it would take, the materials needed, and how much it would cost, and we worked together. We mostly worked online. I knew him from back in the day as he worked with my dad. That is how I met him.”

One of the key aspects Elaine discussed was the duration of the project. “It has taken four years to complete the house,” she shared. “People just see the house, but it is hard work. I grew up in Zimmerman, and that is what inspired me to buy a plot here. I wanted to be close to my childhood.”

Elaine’s decision to build a house on top of rental apartments was driven by her vision of maximizing the use of her plot. “I just had this plot, and I wanted to maximize on space. I wanted a house, and I also wanted rental apartments,” she stated.

The unique design of her property has garnered significant attention. “It’s funny it’s been trending; people are just mesmerized. There are many buildings like it but not many,” Elaine remarked. “It has cost me millions to build this.”

Describing the house’s specifications, Elaine stated, “It’s a three-storey house with four bedrooms, a laundry room, and a pantry.” This showcases her commitment to efficient space utilization and her desire to create a comfortable and functional living space for her family.

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