How Investing in the Matatu Business is Made Easy with Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions

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In a bid to revolutionize the matatu industry, Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions is offering comprehensive PSV Management and Consultancy services aimed at making matatu investments accessible to everyone.

Traditionally, the matatu business has been viewed as a closed industry with the adage “biashara ya matatu iko na wenyewe” (the matatu business has its own owners) suggesting that only insiders could succeed.

However, Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions seeks to demystify this notion by providing a seamless investment experience for prospective investors.

The matatu industry, which forms the backbone of Kenya’s public transportation system, presents a lucrative opportunity for investors. With millions of commuters relying on matatus daily, the demand for these services remains robust.

Yet, the complexities of managing a matatu have often deterred potential investors. Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions offers a solution by managing all aspects of the investment, allowing investors to reap the benefits without the associated challenges.

Comprehensive Services for Matatu Investors

Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions provides a full suite of services designed to handle every aspect of matatu management. Their business model is straightforward: investors provide the capital, and the company manages the rest. This approach ensures that investors can enjoy a hands-off experience while still benefiting financially.

Sourcing and Mechanical Checks
The company begins by sourcing the ideal matatu for the investor. Each vehicle undergoes rigorous mechanical checks to ensure it is in optimal condition. This step is crucial for minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring the matatu’s reliability on the road.

Pimping and Documentation
Aesthetics and comfort are vital in the competitive matatu market. Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions ensures that each matatu is attractively pimped and comfortable for passengers. Additionally, they handle all necessary documentation and licensing, ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Crew Management
Managing a matatu crew can be a significant challenge. Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions takes over this responsibility, overseeing the hiring, training, and daily management of the crew. This ensures that the matatu operates smoothly and efficiently.

Operational Oversight
From route management to handling on-road issues, the company’s team manages all operational aspects. This comprehensive oversight ensures that the matatu is consistently earning and running optimally.

Guaranteed Monthly Income
Investors are promised a guaranteed monthly net income of Kes. 40,000.00. This promise allows investors to enjoy the financial rewards of their investment without dealing with the operational pressures typically associated with the matatu business.

Core Values

The foundation of Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions’ operations is built on trust, honesty, integrity, and creating value for investors. These core values guide their interactions and operations, ensuring that investors can rely on them for transparent and ethical business practices.


For those looking to invest in the matatu business, Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions offers a hassle-free and profitable opportunity. With a capital investment of Kes. 1M, investors can earn a steady monthly income without the usual headaches of matatu management. The company’s comprehensive services handle every aspect of the investment, allowing investors to sit back and let their money work for them.

Interested parties are encouraged to call or WhatsApp Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions at 0705 808 848 to discuss this investment opportunity further.

Evergreen Marketing & Business Solutions is committed to being a trusted partner in matatu investments, making the industry accessible to all prospective investors.

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