Mzungu Woman Sells All Her Belongings in the US to relocate to Kenya, says God Told Her in Prayers She Will Marry a Busia man

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Kelly Joy Wanyoni, an American woman, revealed that she sold all her possessions in the United States to relocate to Kenya and be with her partner, Alberta, after receiving a message from God.

In an interview and a TikTok video, Kelly shared the story of her interracial relationship and the divine guidance that led her to make significant life changes.

According to Kelly, she received a vision from God about Alberta, whom she eventually married.

Despite having turned down many suitors in the past, she accepted Alberta after the spiritual revelation. She expressed her internal struggle, saying, “In my heart, I was hurting because I was falling in love with Alberta because God told me he is my husband, so I allowed myself to have feelings for him.”

To be with Alberta, Kelly made drastic decisions, abandoning her life in the US. She quit her job, relinquished her volunteer activities with the church, sold her car and piano, and terminated her apartment lease. With the proceeds from selling her car and piano, she purchased a one-way ticket to Kenya.

Kelly emphasized that the decision was guided by her belief in God’s plan for their union, which was further confirmed when they met in person. The couple now runs a ministry together in Bumala, a remote town in the eastern part of Kenya.

“God told us we were meant to marry each other… As he was speaking, God spoke to my heart and said that man is your husband,” Kelly shared, highlighting the divine affirmation that solidified their commitment to each other.

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