Phelister Apiyo: How I Ended Up Working as a Cleaner Despite Graduating with a University Degree

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After Graduating on May 27, 2022, Phelister Apiyo had high hopes for her future.

She dreamt of securing a good job, completing her mother’s house in the village, and providing her family with a comfortable life.

She believed that opportunities would soon arise and that God was watching over her, ensuring she wouldn’t suffer.

However, life took an unexpected turn after she gave birth. “Eeeishhhhh life,” she recalls.

During a routine visit for family planning options two months after giving birth to her child, Emsley, Phelister received a shocking diagnosis: high blood pressure.

This condition restricted her from using most family planning methods, leaving her with the coil as the only option.

Despite being prescribed medication for her high blood pressure, she chose not to use it. Her mother, who was more stressed than Phelister herself, insisted on avoiding the medication, fearing the lifelong dependency it could entail.

A year after giving birth, just when hope seemed distant, an opportunity presented itself. A cleaning staff position became available, and Phelister seized it without hesitation.

Reflecting on this decision, she shares a profound insight: “I read somewhere that only those suffering will wake up from that comfortable bed. Until you taste the bitter taste of life, you will not judge a job.”

This is her full story as posted on her page;

After graduating in 27th May 2022, I didn’t know what life held for me.
I wished to get a good job and finish my mum’s house in the village.
Help mum as much as I can.
Live a comfortable life.
Be a good mum.
I knew opportunities will arise soon.
I believed God was watching and won’t allow ‘nyathi kich’ to suffer.
You know, you never know what life is about to offer you until you receive what it offered.
After giving birth, eeeishhhhh life.
I don’t know how it happened but I ended up being diagnosed with high blood pressure.
Yes high blood pressure, story for another day.
Actually I knew these when I had gone for family planning option, 2 months after Emsley.
I was ready to go back to the field then, and they told me I can’t use any fp apart from coil.
They even prescribed me with drugs for pressure which I never used.
There is no way I was going to go that route, ilianza kutumia Dawa ya pressure ni hivo.
My mum was more stressed than me, and she is the one who insisted I don’t use the drugs.
A year after I gave birth, opportunity arose.
Cleaning staff was needed somewhere..
You should have seen how fast I took the chance.
I read somewhere that only ones suffering will wake her from that comfortable bed.
Till you taste the bitter taste of life will you not jugde a job hehe…
Next I will tell you how carrying my degree cert disadvantaged me.
Have a nice day y’all ❤️


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