High School Teacher Who Left the Country to Teach in Japan Bursts into Tears After Students Called Her Monkey

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A teacher living and working in Japan, known by her handle @gamezu3 has shared a heartbreaking after experiencing racism in a foreign country.

The educator who is a Nigerian, left her home country for a teaching position in Japan but was reduced to tears as she recounted a racist encounter with one of her students.

Graduating from a Japanese university and pursuing a career in education abroad, @gamezu3 faced a distressing situation when her student called her a monkey and used the ‘N-word’ against her.

In her video, the teacher expressed her frustration and sorrow in Pidgin English, saying, “This una abroad tier me! #FixAfrica.”

The video quickly garnered attention online, prompting a wave of reactions from netizens.

Commenters shared their own experiences and expressed solidarity with the teacher.

Mrs A suggested responding to the student in Yoruba, while another user, Gerald, pointed out the deep pain that comes with experiencing racism firsthand.

See some of the comments below;

Mrs A said: “Lol na to reply am for Yoruba say awon iran é ni monkey I can’t see myself crying over these kind of thin.”

Gerald said: “From afar you will not understand the pain of racism until you experience it first hand. it’s disheartening. Especially the first time.”

Alex d black guy said: “This thing Dey pain me Aswr, na the way u Dey cry Dey make me vex.” virtue Samuel said: “Yesterday one asked me in ur country diid u have lion i said yes me and my cobra share the same bed.hes scared of me till now.”

Brenda said: “Thats why as Kenyans we want to fix our country.We don’t want to go abroad no more when we can fix our country. Its working, other Africans should do the same. Running away does not help.

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