The Rays: Kenyan Couple Making Up To Sh 50 000 Weekly Sleeping On TikTok

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In the ever-evolving world of social media, TikTok has proven to be a platform that can turn everyday individuals into overnight sensations.

One such unconventional success story is that of Raymax and Maycee Ochieng, affectionately known as “The Rays.”

This TikTok couple has captured the attention and imagination of thousands of followers by doing something many wouldn’t associate with fame or fortune – sleeping.

“The Rays” have redefined the boundaries of content creation on TikTok. Their unique concept involves live-streaming themselves as they sleep.

What began as an ordinary TikTok account sharing everyday couple moments evolved into an extraordinary venture. Three months ago, inspired by a fan’s comment, they decided to venture into the realm of sleep streaming.

Maycee explained, “Our initial type of content was normal couple stuff – storytelling, singing, joking, etc. One of our fans commented that I talked a lot and suggested that we try sleeping. That’s what we did.”

Their approach was to sleep while cuddling, setting themselves apart from others in the same niche. This shift in content creation proved to be a game-changer for the couple.

They began garnering thousands of views on their live videos, which subsequently translated into a substantial income. The couple now earns up to sh 50,000 per week from their unique endeavor, allowing them to comfortably pay their bills and even upgrade their living situation from Bombolulu, Kibera, to a two-bedroom apartment.

However, this unconventional career choice came with its own set of challenges. Maycee lost her job due to violations of her company’s strict social media policy.

Nevertheless, she now considers herself a full-time TikToker, and she and Raymax have witnessed firsthand the financial potential that this platform offers. They have even attracted the attention of companies seeking their endorsement.

Sleeping during the day may sound easy, but Raymax emphasized, “Imagine sleeping for over six hours in one position because you have to face the camera.

Sometimes I have to go off camera and stretch.” The couple also faces negative comments from viewers who suggest they find “real” jobs, but they have learned to ignore the criticism, as their unique content pays their bills.

Their friends and family have been supportive, encouraging them to continue as long as it puts food on the table. In their neighborhood, “The Rays” have become local celebrities, and the positive reception has been heartwarming for the couple.

Looking ahead, Raymax and Maycee are not resting on their laurels. They have plans to diversify their content and expand to other platforms like YouTube to keep their audience engaged.

For now, as long as their unconventional content continues to provide for them, they are content being known as “the sleeping couple” on TikTok, proving that success on social media can come from the most unexpected places.

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