Onami: Kenyan Man Who Landed a Sh. 10,000-per-Hour Job in the US as a Mortuary Attendant but Ended Up Quitting Within a Day Due to Fear of Dead Bodies

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In the pursuit of the proverbial American Dream, individuals from around the world often venture to the United States in search of better opportunities and a brighter future.

Ibrahim Onami, a Kenyan immigrant, shared a unique and eye-opening experience in a YouTube video recounting his extremely short-lived employment in a US mortuary.

Onami’s journey began with a desperate search for employment shortly after arriving in the “land of opportunity.”

He found himself working in the cremation department of a mortuary, earning Sh. 10,000 per hour, equivalent to $70.

The enticing perks of the job included medical insurance, biannual vacations, paid allowances, on-site housing close to the morgue, and even complimentary cremation and repatriation services for immigrants.

The application process involved submitting details, undergoing an interview, and successfully passing a test.

The subsequent day comprised an orientation session where Onami received training on his responsibilities.

His duties were not for the faint of heart, involving the retrieval of corpses, transportation to the cremation furnace, collection of cooled ashes, placing them in containers, and the meticulous cleaning of the furnace.

While the job offered tempting benefits, Onami’s confessions unveiled the stark reality that such roles are not for everyone.

He candidly admitted that the work proved to be too mentally draining for him, prompting him to call it quits after just one day.

In sharing his story, Onami offered valuable advice to those contemplating a move to the US. He emphasized the need for a well-thought-out plan to meet basic needs and pay bills.

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