Fred Arocho: From the Streets of Nairobi to Earning Over Half a Million at Radio 47

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In a country like Kenya, where tales of resilience and triumph over adversity are abundant, one individual’s journey stands out as an inspiration to countless aspiring soccer stars and dreamers.

Fred Arocho, a renowned TV and radio sports commentator, has risen from humble beginnings to become a respected voice in the sports industry, captivating audiences with his insightful analysis and passionate opinions.

Born on November 27, 1976, in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate, Arocho’s love for soccer ignited at a tender age.

His childhood was modest, but his determination and talent shone brightly on the dusty playgrounds of Einsworth Primary School and later at Pumwani High School. At the young age of seven, he joined Tayo Sportiff in Eastleigh, where he began honing his soccer skills.

Arocho’s passion for the game remained steadfast throughout his high school years, during which he played for esteemed teams like ICDC FC and NSSF FC.

After completing his secondary education, he made a remarkable impact on Kenya’s top league, playing for Sony Sugar before becoming a key player for KCB, helping them secure promotion to the country’s premier league in 1997.

His exceptional talents were further showcased in national youth teams, where he displayed his prowess in various youth championships and the under-23 Olympics youth qualifiers, rubbing shoulders with Africa’s finest soccer stars.

However, life had a different plan for Arocho after his professional soccer career came to an end. Determined to embrace new opportunities, he pursued further education, earning a diploma in Business Administration from the Kenya Polytechnic.

Fate intervened when his passionate views on soccer during a match at Nyayo Stadium caught the attention of Carol Radull, the programs controller at Radio Jambo.

Impressed by his articulate and knowledgeable analysis, Radull invited Arocho for an interview, which marked the beginning of his journey as a sports commentator.

Joining Radio Jambo as a sports analyst, he quickly became a prominent voice in sports broadcasting. Over 14 successful years at the station, Arocho earned admiration and gratitude for his contribution to Kenya’s media landscape.

However, life’s journey never remains static, and Arocho decided to embrace a new challenge by joining Radio 47, a newly launched station under Cape Media Group.

While expressing his gratitude to Radio Africa Group for shaping his career, he acknowledged the impact of Carol Radull, whose support and guidance played an instrumental role in his growth as a broadcaster.

The move to Radio 47 was not just about a change in scenery; it was driven by an irresistible financial package. Though Arocho did not disclose the exact figure, he confirmed that it significantly exceeded his previous salary and represented the highest he had received in his media career.

Speaking candidly, Arocho recognized the significance of growth and change in life. Staying in one place for too long may stifle the desire to move forward, and the challenge and opportunities presented by Radio 47 motivated him to take a leap of faith.

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