“Mary Njeri: I Have No Sponsors, I Do Night Security Guard Job at Night to Pay My School Fees

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In a world where stereotypes often dictate societal roles, one young woman stands tall, defying expectations and blazing a trail of success through sheer hard work and unwavering integrity.

Meet Mary Njeri Kariuki, a 23-year-old criminology and security student at Murang’a University of Technology, whose determination to pursue education and financial independence has become an inspiring tale of resilience.

For Njeri, education has been the driving force behind her aspirations.

Undeterred by those who doubt a woman’s place in certain fields, she took on the challenge of studying criminology and security, proving that passion knows no gender boundaries.

“While some other women might go out for a night on the town — or take a sponsor— Njeri is adamant that hard work and integrity are paramount,” says a close friend, highlighting the stark contrast between Njeri’s determination and the choices made by some of her peers.

Njeri’s journey towards financial independence began when she realized that her parents were unable to provide additional financial support for her education.

With her father working as a primary school teacher and her mother managing their subsistence farm, their resources were already stretched to support her siblings’ education. Unfazed by this challenge, Njeri recognized the need to take matters into her own hands.

In 2017, she joined Murang’a University of Technology, knowing full well the responsibilities that lay ahead. While others may have faltered, Njeri sought permission from her parents to find employment to finance her studies.

Her father, though initially apprehensive, understood the gravity of the situation and supported her decision to become financially independent.

At the beginning of her university journey, Njeri took up a job as a waitress in an eatery in Murang’a town.

With unwavering dedication and a keen eye for entrepreneurship, she managed to save a substantial amount of money. The determined young woman then ventured into selling beauty products to her fellow students, proving her mettle as an ambitious and resourceful entrepreneur.

On a good day, she earned an impressive profit of up to Sh800, which she reinvested into her education.

Unfortunately, life took an unexpected turn when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, leading to the closure of learning institutions and imposing a strict curfew.

As many students retreated to the comfort of their homes, Njeri saw an opportunity to pivot yet again. Undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead, she sought out another job, this time finding employment at a security firm.

Working as a night security guard at Murang’a Level 5 general hospital, Njeri demonstrated her unyielding commitment to her dreams.

She became a diligent guardian of the hospital’s gate while embracing her responsibilities as a student. Njeri’s work ethic was commendable as she strived to balance her job, studies, and personal life.

When the academic load allowed, Njeri washed clothes, scrubbed floors, and performed cleaning duties, further showcasing her determination to support herself and her education.

Moreover, she provided laundry services to her classmates, displaying her entrepreneurial flair even amidst her demanding schedule.

Njeri attributes her perseverance and focus to her strict Christian upbringing. Embracing values of integrity and hard work, she shuns the allure of frivolous pursuits, such as clubbing, which may distract others from their goals.

Her unwavering commitment to bettering herself and securing a brighter future for herself and her family is a testament to her strong character.

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