Shock as Wife divorces husband after wininig 270K Jackpot

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In a shocking turn of events, a woman in the United States was forced to surrender her staggering lottery prize of KSh 273,044,597 to her ex-husband after it was discovered that she had concealed the money during their divorce proceedings.

Denise Rossi, who had been married to Thomas Rossi for 25 years, won the jackpot just 11 days before filing for divorce.

Denise had hoped to keep the winnings to herself, deliberately withholding the information from her estranged husband and the court.

However, her plan unraveled when a letter meant for lottery winners mistakenly arrived at Thomas’s apartment two years after their separation.

To his astonishment, Thomas learned that Denise had won a staggering N1.5 billion in the California State Lottery and was receiving N25 million annually.

Feeling deceived and wronged, Thomas promptly filed a lawsuit against Denise, accusing her of violating asset disclosure laws and acting with fraudulent and malicious intent.

Remarkably, a family court judge in Los Angeles ruled in Thomas’s favor, declaring that Denise had forfeited her right to the money by concealing it.

The judge further remarked that Denise could have retained half of the winnings if she had been honest from the outset.

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