Woman who worked in the UK for 30 years returns home broke

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It has always been a norm that once anyone leaves the country for greener pastures abroad, which has always been considered the land of greater opportunities, they are going to make it in life and become more successful.

However, that wasn’t the case for a woman identified as Auntie Jacky, who, despite relocating from her homeland in Uganda to the UK, ended up returning home broke.

Jacky went to the UK to pursue her studies after completing high school. She embarked on her university journey in the UK, starting with a diploma and then proceeding to obtain a degree.

It was during her university years that she also experienced the joy of motherhood for the first time, becoming pregnant while pursuing her studies.

Upon completing her education, Jacky secured employment and spent the next 30 years building her life in the UK.

However, despite her long tenure, unforeseen circumstances led to her losing her job. Faced with limited options, Jacky found herself compelled to make the difficult decision to return to her home country.

Upon her return to Uganda, Jacky reached out to well-wishers for assistance in completing her house, which was still under construction. For those interested in learning more about her story and supporting her cause, the full video can be watched on YouTube using the following link: YouTube Video Link.

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