Woman who left the country to work in Germany, now says she can’t marry an African man

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Ruz Hoff, a German-based social worker, certified Child Protection Specialist, Social Empowerment Advocate & Coach, and Speaker, who was born and raised in Uganda to Rwandan-Ugandan parents, now says she can’t marry an African after years of relocating to Germany.

Speaking on her You-tube channel, Ruz Hoff, claims that she belives that she is not an African wife material saying that African men have particular features which they like in girl.

Throughout my life, I’ve never been voluptuous enough for an African man. You know, you’re expected to have a big ‘Nyash,’ as most people call it, which means a well-shaped, ample derrière. And then, you’re supposed to have, you know, all the other curves, which I’ve never had in my entire life,” she said.

She also says that African cultures have rigid beliefs with which she cannot cope. She claims that in African culture, men want to be considered kings as much as in American culture, which she sees quite often with women referring to their partners as ‘my king’ or ‘my queen,’ which, according to her, is a lot of nonsense.

“I don’t subscribe to that, but I know from the African culture where I come from and from other African people that I have interacted with, the men are seen as gods in the family. Here I am, someone who doesn’t subscribe to that belief; I believe in equal partnership,” she added.

She says that while she wants her husband to be ‘king’ in some instances, she does not want to be his servant; she doesn’t want to be his peasant.

“Unfortunately, that’s how most married women are treated in Africa, which again explains why I could never, not even for whatever reasons, marry an African man.”

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