Mother Who Gave Ksh 20 to Unknown Man Given Back Ksh 200,000 by Well-Wishers

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A woman from Kakamega County has become the focus of attention after her generous act of kindness brought unexpected blessings her way.

According to a remarkable story shared on the TikTok platform by a man who identifies himself as Pastor Dan Wema, he tested the woman’s faith by asking her for a loan of 20 shillings when they crossed paths.

To his surprise, the woman, who appeared to be extremely poor, selflessly gave him the requested 20 shillings, unaware that this small act of generosity would unlock a cascade of blessings in her life.

Delighted by the woman’s kindness, Pastor Dan Wema shared the story with his online followers, leading them to contribute more than two hundred thousand Kenyan shillings for her. He expressed gratitude for their support and recounted the social experiment he conducted with the woman, emphasizing her passing the test.

“As usual, my name is Dan Wema, and I thank you very much for your support. You remember this woman I did a social test with, and she passed,” Wema said before giving the woman an opportunity to thank the contributors for the significant amount of money they had raised for her.

“I thank you for helping me. I say thank you, and to your families, may God bless you. Wherever you walk, may God open your ways, and wherever you live, just continue to be like that, helping others like me. Thank you,” the grateful woman expressed with a heart full of gratitude.

Wema revealed that with that amount of money, they planned to sponsor one of the woman’s children to attend a variety of schools and also address other pressing needs in her household.

“To my fans, I would like to thank you very much for the kind of support you give me, and may God bless you. Just be a person with kindness and love for others because you never know how God will come to you. This woman gave me 20 shillings, and from that 20, we have raised more than 200k, think about it, that is only God,” Wema stated.

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