John Kamau: Kenyatta University Professor Who Quit Lecturing Job for Greener Pastures in the US only to End Up Working as Supermarket Attendant

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A Kenyatta University lecturer, who quit his job after years of lecturing at the university, is now contemplating returning to the country after landing a job that doesn’t suit her standards.

The professor, who referred to himself as Johnstone Kamau in a text message sent to this scribe, claimed that he acquired a green card to move to the US in 2020, hoping to get a chance to teach in United States-based universities.

However, it came as a surprise to him when a friend told him that he didn’t have the required qualifications to teach at the universities.

With no other option and the need to secure means of survival, he had to resort to doing menial jobs. He initially worked at construction sites before landing a job at a supermarket, where he claims to earn Ksh20,000 per day.

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