Meet Kenyan Man Earning KSh 20,000 Every Night as a Supermarket Attendant in the UK

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A Kenyan man, identified by his YouTube handle Huku Yukei and currently residing in the UK, has candidly shared his experience of juggling two jobs to support himself and his family.

The man revealed that he earns KSh 20,000 every night working the night shift as a supermarket attendant from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Huku Yukei provided viewers with a glimpse into his nightly routine at the large supermarket where he is employed.

The footage showcased him diligently arranging items throughout the store, moving from aisle to aisle, opening boxes, and organizing products on the shelves.

During his one-hour break, he shared that one of the perks of his job is access to free food, a benefit enjoyed by both temporary and permanent staff.

Huku Yukei explained that he secures such job opportunities through an agency that contacts him if there’s a specific job available, and he can choose to accept or decline the offer.

However, he clarified that he only works the supermarket night shift between six to ten times a month, contributing to his monthly earnings of KSh 200,000.

In the video, he expressed, “This job pays really well. Organizing things on the shelves, things like that. They want you to wear everything in black; I look like a thief. I do this job about ten days every month because I have another job. That’s KSh 200,000 in about ten days. If you use this money here, it might not help much, but if you send it to Kenya, it makes a big difference. While you are here, make sure you send money to Kenya.”

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Good job and good advice,how will i got such a job


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