Shiru Ndirangu: I Quit My Banking Job To Sell Fruits And Vegetables Abroad

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Life often takes unexpected turns, leading us down paths we never imagined. Shiru Ndirangu’s journey is a testament to this truth.

From dreaming of becoming a pilot to managing a thriving agribusiness.

Growing up, Shiru’s greatest aspiration was to take to the skies as a pilot.

The idea of flying around the world, exploring diverse landscapes, and experiencing the freedom of the open sky captured her young imagination.

However, after completing her National Form Four Examination, the reality of limited opportunities for aviation training became evident, momentarily grounding her dreams.

“I was very interested in the pilot profession because I wanted to travel all around the world and experience different environments, but I later realized that I didn’t need to be a pilot to see the world,” Shiru says.

Undeterred by this obstacle, Shiru Ndirangu decided to chart a different course for herself.

She enrolled at Strathmore University, where she pursued a degree in Business, Management, and Financial Studies.

This shift in direction marked a significant turning point in her life, leading her away from the cockpit but towards a promising future in another field.

During her university years, Shiru discovered a profound connection to agriculture.

Her breaks were spent on her parents’ farm, where a rich tapestry of fruits and vegetables was cultivated.

These hands-on experiences exposed her to the world of farming, instilled in her a strong work ethic, and nurtured a deep sense of responsibility.

Upon graduating in 2008, Shiru ventured into the corporate world and secured a job at a bank.

“I worked there for a very short time and decided to quit to help my parents in their agribusiness,” Shiru says.

However, her heart remained tethered to her family’s agribusiness.

Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact and inspired by her agricultural experiences, she made a bold decision to leave her banking career behind and return to assist her parents in their agricultural endeavors.

Today, Shiru Ndirangu stands as the Managing Director of Afrex Gold Limited, a company specializing in exporting fruits and vegetables to various countries. One of their flagship exports is the beloved avocado.

As Managing Director, Shiru plays a pivotal role in providing strategic guidance and ensuring the company attains its objectives.

Among Shiru’s proudest accomplishments is the implementation of a groundbreaking project that empowers small-scale farmers.

The project’s primary objective is to bolster their income while ensuring that the produce meets stringent quality standards. Under this initiative, they have set an ambitious goal to plant over 80,000 avocado-bearing trees.


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