Nahashon Kiplagat: How I Used My University Fees to Start a Business, Now I Make Ksh 240,000 a month

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Entrepreneurial spirit often finds its roots in the most unexpected places, and for Nahashon Kiplagat, the seeds of his business prowess were sown at an early age.

Aged just 29, Kiplagat embarked on his entrepreneurial journey eleven years ago, during his time as a student at Bartolimo Boys High School. Little did he know that this early foray into business would shape his future in profound ways.

Hailing from the picturesque town of Kabarnet in Baringo County, Kiplagat’s first venture materialized shortly after his completion of secondary school in 2011.

Armed with a mere Sh10,000 from his high school allowance, he began a modest charcoal-selling business within his community.

As the months went by, Kiplagat’s determination and business acumen enabled him to double his initial investment to Sh20,000, facilitating the expansion of his charcoal enterprise.

Kiplagat’s enterprising spirit soon prompted him to acquire two motorbikes within a remarkably short span of six months.

These motorbikes became his sole source of income as he pursued a Degree in Education at Mount Kenya University, beginning in 2012.

Operating the motorbikes, he managed to earn a respectable Sh600 per day, a commendable feat for a young student entrepreneur.

While in his third year of university, a fortuitous opportunity presented itself in the form of a business space leasing for Sh400,000 in close proximity to the institution.

Fueled by ambition, Kiplagat set out to secure the space, even though he was uncertain about the exact business he would establish within it.

Despite encountering skepticism from his family, who urged him to prioritize his studies over his entrepreneurial pursuits, Kiplagat chose to follow his passion.

Utilizing his college fees of Sh50,000, he made a daring gamble, paying a substantial portion of the leasing cost.

With the remaining balance and no concrete business idea, Kiplagat relied on his intuition and the potential he saw in the venture.

Kiplagat’s decision led to the inception of a pool table business, a choice that would prove to be transformative. However, funding this endeavor required sacrifice, as he opted to sell his two motorbikes for Sh155,000 and secured a bank loan of Sh50,000.

With these resources, he acquired both a new and secondhand pool table, setting the stage for a new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey.

The early days of the pool table business were marked by challenges and frustrations, but Kiplagat’s perseverance ultimately paid off.

In the second month of operation, his earnings began to soar, with an average of Sh900 per day from each pool table. Over time, this figure multiplied, culminating in a monthly income of Sh120,000.

Kiplagat’s dedication and prudent financial management facilitated the expansion of his business empire. He established a second branch at Komora Centre, strategically targeting students from the University of Nairobi and nearby colleges. Today, his business thrives, generating an impressive Sh240,000 per month. This success has enabled him to employ four individuals, some of whom are fellow alumni of Mount Kenya University.

Notably, Kiplagat’s entrepreneurial journey has enabled him to turn his hard-earned income into tangible dreams. He has fulfilled his aspiration of owning a car, a white Toyota Noah, and a plot of land in the prestigious Annex estate. His story serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, passion, and strategic decision-making in the world of entrepreneurship.

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