Christopher Angote: High School Teacher Who Quit His Job Now Earning Sh30,000 A Day From Farming

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Christopher Angote, a former teacher turned farmer, has found success and financial independence through his venture into vegetable farming.

Located in Emuhaya, Vihiga County, his farm spans 7.5 acres of land, where he cultivates an impressive variety of crops.

Having worked as an Agriculture teacher, Christopher decided to pursue a career in farming after realizing that his teaching salary was insufficient to meet his needs and aspirations.

He initially started with a small plot inherited from his father, measuring about 0.4 acres. However, recognizing the potential in agriculture, he made a bold move and purchased an additional 7.1 acres of land solely dedicated to vegetable production.

On his farm, Christopher grows a diverse range of crops, including cowpeas, black nightshade, slender leaf, spider plant, jute mallow, amaranth, onions, kales, and Ethiopian kales.

Through the use of drip and overhead irrigation systems, he is able to cultivate these vegetables throughout the year, ensuring a consistent supply for his customers.

Christopher’s hard work and dedication have paid off, and his farm has thrived. In fact, he was able to lease an additional 17.5 acres of land to expand his vegetable farming operation.

This expansion has significantly boosted his income, with his farm now earning him up to 30,000 Kenyan shillings on a good day.

To supplement his vegetable farming, Christopher also keeps livestock on his farm. He has a herd of 26 cows, mainly Friesian and Jersey breeds, with 12 cows being milked regularly.

From these cows, he is able to produce 250 liters of milk per day, which he sells locally, generating an additional income of up to 25,000 Kenyan shillings daily. Furthermore, he maintains a flock of 600 chickens that provide him with 14 trays of eggs.

Christopher’s success is a result of his dedication, innovation, and the teamwork he shares with his wife, Maureen Achieng’. As an animal health technician, Maureen plays a crucial role in the farm’s operations, ensuring the well-being of the livestock.

Together, they have built a thriving agricultural business, employing six permanent staff members and hiring additional casual workers as needed.

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