Collo: Kenyan rapper who went broke despite earning Sh 950,000 salary

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Celebrated hip-hop and lyrical sensation Collins Mamake, popularly known as Collo, is well-known in Kenya’s music industry.

In a past interview, the rapper narrated how he went broke despite earning a monthly salary of Sh 950,000.

He claimed that during his time working as a copywriter at Scanad, which is part of ScanGroup, he went from being rich and employed to jobless and alcoholic, accruing many debts.

Collo explained that he used to earn a salary of Sh 250,000 per month while also pursuing a career in singing. Every month, he would compose at least ten jingles for various clients, earning him an extra Sh 700,000.

However, during that time, his money was often drained by alcoholism.

“I was a copywriter earning Ksh 250,000 every month. Additionally, I would present jingle ideas to various client services within different accounts at agencies, essentially acting as a supplier.

“In a month, I would write at least ten jingles for different brands, earning approximately Sh 700,000 extra. Money was never the issue, but I never saw that money because my spirituality wasn’t intact. Instead, it ended up creating more debts,” he stated.

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