Woman Who Worked in Saudi Arabia for 10 Years Turns into a Beggar After Son Squandered Sh 1.4 Million

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Immaculate Njeri’s story is one of sacrifice, betrayal, and unwavering resilience. For ten long years, she toiled in the Gulf, dreaming of returning home to Kenya to enjoy the fruits of her labor with her beloved children.

However, her dreams were shattered when she discovered that she had nothing to show for her years of hard work.

In 2013, faced with financial difficulties, Njeri made the difficult decision to leave her two sons behind and seek employment in Dubai.

She worked tirelessly for two years before moving to Bahrain for another three years, and then to Qatar for three more.

“I came back and didn’t stay here for long because my kids needed a good education; I left for Bahrain where I worked for three years,” Njeri said on the Kenya Diaspora Media YouTube channel.

Throughout her time abroad, she sent money back home to support her family, trusting her eldest son, Raphael, to manage their finances responsibly.

Njeri’s dedication to her children knew no bounds.

Despite being thousands of miles away, she ensured that her sons were cared for and educated.

She saved diligently, envisioning a brighter future for her family upon her return.

However, her hopes were dashed when she discovered that Raphael had betrayed her trust.

Her son, whom she had sacrificed so much for, had been deceiving her.

He had been siphoning off her hard-earned money, leaving her with nothing.

The realization that her plans to buy land and build a home had been thwarted left Njeri devastated.

The betrayal took a toll on Njeri’s emotional and financial well-being.

She found herself without food or shelter, forced to rely on the kindness of others to survive.

The pain of her son’s actions weighed heavily on her, leaving her feeling hopeless and abandoned.

Despite the immense challenges she faced, Njeri’s spirit remained unbroken. She sought solace in her faith and the support of her community, refusing to succumb to despair. With the offer of employment abroad, Njeri sees a glimmer of hope for a better future.

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