Mixed Reactions as Bride Runs Out of a Wedding Ceremony in Nairobi After Realizing Husband Wasn’t a KPLC Employee but a Boda Boda Rider

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A social media post ignited mixed reactions after it was reported that a wedding ceremony turned out to be dramatic when the bride canceled the wedding upon discovering her husband’s true job, which he had lied about for a long time.

According to a post by Omwamba on Twitter, the wedding ceremony was taking place at a church in Rongai, Nairobi, when the wife realized that the man did not work at the Kenya Power company, as he had earlier claimed. Instead, she discovered that he is a boda boda rider.

Omwamba’s post elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans, who expressed various opinions.


Here are some comments from Kenyans:

Nyasikera questioned the bride’s reaction, humorously suggesting, “Maybe his ‘office’ is at Stima Plaza or Electricity House. What is wrong with women?”

BTS expressed sympathy for the challenges of life but also critiqued the dishonesty in the relationship.

”Life is hard, my dear. But why would you lie to your woman? However, the lady herself didn’t try either. It seems she loves the man’s pocket more than the man. Maybe he saw her as a gold digger and decided to lie to her. Stop this, please.”

Chrnices Chips raised an essential question about the nature of the relationship, asking, “Was she marrying the man or his job?” This query delves into the dynamics of the couple’s connection and whether the foundation of their relationship was built on genuine affection or external factors.

Vicman posed an intriguing thought, questioning whether it was the man who lied to the woman or if the woman was solely driven by materialistic motives.

”So, can we say the man lied to the woman, or is the woman just money-minded and didn’t actually love the man?”

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