Mount Kenya University Graduate Celebrates Graduation Day Inside a Hotel Kibanda That Used to Provide Free Food When Broke

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In the bustling heart of Mukiriti market in Thika town, nestled among the lively stalls and colorful chaos, lies Kate’s Dinner—a humble kibanda that holds special significance for Eric Ndolo Nthuko

. For Eric, this unassuming eatery became more than just a place to satisfy hunger; it was a haven during financially lean times.

Eric Ndolo Nthuko’s academic journey led him to Mount Kenya University (MKU), where he pursued a Bachelor of Education (Arts) in English and Literature.

The constraints of a student’s budget meant that Eric couldn’t indulge in extravagant meals. Kate’s Dinner became his refuge, a place where a hearty meal awaited him even when his pockets were light.

In a recent interview with, Eric shared glimpses of his hustle during those university days. Casual work, whether it was washing carpets in his teaching plot or tutoring students during holidays, was his way of making ends meet. His journey was a testament to perseverance, fueled by a determination to overcome financial challenges.

“I have been in the university for eight years; I had to defer in 2018 due to fee constraints even though I had three semesters to conclude my university education. I went back to conclude my degree last year,” Eric explained.

The road to graduation was not without its obstacles, but Eric found solace in the unwavering support of his mother. Despite financial constraints, she did her utmost to ensure he had what he needed. Eric expressed his gratitude, dedicating his degree to his mother, who, as a single parent raising four children, achieved a remarkable feat.

Returning to Kate’s Dinner on his graduation day held profound meaning for Eric. The place that had been his refuge during challenging times now witnessed his triumph.

“I was overjoyed and thankful because I never went a day without eating at that kibanda, and I loved how they all smiled when they saw me in a gown,” he shared.

To mark the special occasion, Eric treated friends to a meal at Kate’s Dinner. His friend, who had been with him through thick and thin, reciprocated the kindness by covering the bill—a symbolic gesture of their enduring friendship and shared journey.

Today, Eric Ndolo Nthuko is not just a graduate but a teacher in a Laikipia school, serving on Board of Management (BOM) terms.

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