DMK IT Solutions sponsors a girl who turned to begging despite scoring A plain in KCSE

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DMK IT Solutions, a world-class provider of modern, cost-effective, and cutting-edge technology solutions, has come to the aid of Mary Muiru, a graduate from Egerton University who gained nationwide attention after being captured holding a placard along Thika Road on Thursday.

In photos that went viral on various social media platforms, Mary Muiru advertised her credentials to prospective employers. The placard contained her qualifications, academic credentials and phone number.

Speaking to a local media house, Mary who scored A plain in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2013, said She had pursued Actuarial Science at Egerton University but failed to get employment despite sending more than 2000 applications.

She also did several certificates to upgrade her skills including Google Data Analytics, Data Analytics and Visualisation, Advanced SQL, Excel, and Microsoft Power BI.

“I come from a humble background so my family is not in a position to help. I thought about it (begging on the streets) for quite some time and decided to just do it,” she said.

However, Mary Waceke, a Business Analyst/Database Developer at Apple INC who is also the co-founder of DMK IT Solution based in the US, claimed that she was touched by Mary Muiru’s story and has offered her an internship ischolarship in one of the leading companies related to data analytics

“We will offer her three choices between North America, Asia, and Europe, where we have partner companies. The company that aligns with her career goals will then take her,” stated May Waceke, who is based in the US.

Waceke also mentioned that the internship will last for four months with the possibility of retention if she performs well.

“International companies prefer to employ smart Africans due to affordable labor. We have partner companies in the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, China, Korea, Malaysia, UK, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and India. She can choose to work in any country,” added Mary.


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